Use Cases / Testimonials for Evizone Secure Communications (ESC)

To date, most of Evizone clients using Evizone Secure Communications are small groups of professionals with a high degree of need for confidential communications internally and with clients and stakeholders.

Heritage Life Sciences (HLS)

Heritage Life Sciences is dedicated to the stewardship of branded pharmaceuticals through their life cycles post-exclusivity. Heritage ensures the availability of treatments critical to patients and their caregivers with the brand names they trust.

sum3  $US 500M
sum3  Head office in Toronto, Canada

ESC used for board communications

sum3  Board portal
sum3  Communications within board
sum3  Communications with subsidiaries
sum3  Corporate governance

Vertical: Healthcare

“We use Evizone Secure Communications to manage and secure the sensitive communications between our board members and advisors – giving them additional confidence when expressing themselves on sensitive matters.”

Gilbert Godin, CEO

Willow Tree Capital Group, Toronto, Canada

Willow Tree Capital Group is a boutique investment bank that provides strategic advice and assistance with mergers & acquisitions, licensing, and strategic consulting to life science companies world-wide.

sum3  Pipeline of LOI negotiations in excess of $7B
sum3  Head office in Toronto, Canada

ESC used by the entire organization for managing communications on sensitive and confidential matters. All firm members are subscribers, who add external clients and stakeholders to project-related workgroups as required.

Verticals: Healthcare, Finance, Consulting

“Evizone Ltd. is a very easy to use communications platform that Willow Tree Capital Group has found to be helpful in our business. We deal with confidential information on a daily basis – protecting that information is crucial. We highly recommend Evizone Ltd.”

Cathy Miner, Managing Partner

Hatley Strategy Advisors, Montreal, Canada

Hatley provides consulting and strategic services in government relations and public affairs, strategic communications, crisis management, ally and coalition building, financial communications, and Quebec market entry. They also provide media relations for HNW individuals.

sum3  Offices in Montréal and Québec City

ESC used by management team and their support staff to securely manage sensitive and confidential communications internally and with clients who are invited as guests to communicate using ESC

Verticals: Healthcare, Finance, Consulting

Wake up, world. Conventional email is not a safe way to transfer your most confidential information. Evizone Secure Communications ensures that electronic information sharing remains within your control, even after it is sent. Think of it as an insurance policy. Don’t become the next Sony.”

Adam Dafaillah, Founding Partner


Chestertons, Barbados

Chestertons is one of the oldest and most established luxury real estate agencies in Barbados. They use ESC to securely communicate with developers, property management companies and their High Net Worth clientele – where discretion and privacy are mandatory.

“We were excited by the prospect of being able to communicate securely with our clients and partners, but worried that the staff might not like it. Our fears were unfounded. Evizone Secure Communications was simple to install and is very easy to use.”

Christopher Parra, Managing Director


Use Cases / Testimonials for Evizone Communications Governance (ECG)

The launch customer for Evizone Communications Governance is Roth Capital Partners – who came to Evizone after experiencing a number of costly compliance issues. In collaboration with Roth, Evizone has developed a leading compliance archiving solution based on big data concepts that satisfies the stringent regulatory & compliance requirement of FINRA, SEC and others.

Roth Capital Partners, LLC

ROTH Capital Partners is a full-service investment banking firm, specializing in the small and micro-cap markets. ROTH’s corporate headquarters are located in California, with six offices in the US and one in Hong Kong.

sum3  Roth provides a full spectrum of investment banking services, including capital raising, research coverage, trading & market making, mergers & acquisition advisory services, and investor conferences.
sum3  ROTH uses ECG to comply with SEC Rule 17a-4. Using ECG, Roth has been able to centralize all communications for governance & compliance archiving purposes and have complete control over message lifecycles.
sum3  Since adopting ECG over two years ago, Roth has not experienced any audit warnings on compliance management relating to supervisory review.

Verticals: Finance, Legal

“We use Evizone for fast and reliable archiving of millions of electronic messages. Evizone provides us with effective and unique features. We can rely on it completely when it comes to compliance with the regulatory authorities and to manage the risks posed by our operations.”

Galel Fajardo, CIO

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