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Evizone can protect you against the police’s Stingray devices

News that governments have been using IMSI catchers to collect mobile device data is not new. Back in September 2016, we shared information on our blog about how one correctional facility in Ontario used these devices to monitor cell phone transmissions within the prison. The repercussion was that prison guards were actually hacking their own […]

Law firms should worry about their cybersecurity

It should be no surprise that law firms store vast amounts of confidential and valuable information in their digital networks. This makes them a treasure trove for hackers – and all too often, an easy target. As the National Post reported in their March 22 issue, the potential for a breach has led many Canadian […]

If the CIA can screenshot your screen, who else is doing it?

It’s no surprise that the CIA spies on people. But you might be shocked at how they do it. A massive leak of nearly 9,000 CIA documents, released by the whistleblowing organization Wikileaks, revealed the methods used by the spy agency to get past mobile app security features. While initially reports claimed that the CIA […]

Evizone to participate in the Risk Management & Cyber Resiliency Briefing in New York City

(MONTREAL, QUEBEC, July 11, 2016) – Evizone Ltd., the Montreal-based software and services provider offering enterprise solutions in communications governance, secure messaging and regulatory compliance, today unveiled a newly revamped website and logo. The website offers a crisp, modern design with access to new tools and updated information about the company.

The changes follow recently improved new releases of Evizone’s Communications Governance content management system, which automates supervisory review, compliance, and e-discovery, and of its Secure Communications service, both protected by Evizone’s patented security.

“Our new look emphasizes Evizone’s philosophy of continuous improvement on all fronts,” said Bill Wells, Chairman of Evizone. “We are extremely proud of our products, developed by some of the best software engineers in the world. We provide the highest level of communications security commercially available in fast, easy to use systems. Our new look and new website reflect this level of excellence.”

Evizone Secure Communications would prevent extortion linked to SharePoint hacking

Here we go again. Everyone is familiar with allegations of Russian interference of the U.S. Presidential Election last fall. Here in Canada, there were also allegations that foreign influences tried to alter our own parliamentary results. We generally think of hackings as a means to blackmail individuals or companies for money, but it is all […]

Canada a hotbed for corporate hackings

If a recent study by Ipsos is anything to go by, you should change all your passwords right now. As the Globe and Mail reports, the study – developed in conjunction with the consulting firm MNP LLP – found that “half of Canadian C-suite executives and nearly a quarter of entrepreneurs say their businesses’ cybersecurity […]

Canada wants to get serious about electoral cybersecurity

Following the news that a former Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) director believes Canada’s elections had been hacked, the government has responded by announcing that they wants to take cybersecurity seriously. In his mandate letter to the new Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau listed defending the electoral system from cyberthreats as […]

David Beckham’s latest scandal proves you need to ditch your email account

Have you heard of Beckileaks? It’s the latest scandal sweeping Britain, and it wouldn’t have happened without poor email security. Russian hackers gained access to millions of emails and documents on the computers of David Beckham’s PR representative. Spotting an opportunity to profit, the hackers blackmailed the soccer star, asking to be paid one million […]

Strong email security can’t stop human error at the Bank of Canada

In February 2014 alone, employees at the bank of Canada were flooded with 25,000 phishing emails encouraging them to open a document containing malware that would infect their computer and steal banking credentials. As the Financial Post reports, a good chunk of those emails were filtered out by the central bank’s security software, but some […]

Publicly-traded companies don’t disclose their cyber-vulnerabilities adequately

61% of companies in the S&P/TSX Composite Index acknowledged cybersecurity as a material risk to their business. This was the main finding of the Canadian Securities Administrators’ (CSA) staff notice on the disclosure of cybersecurity risks and incidents. However, the CSA’s research is more much more troubling. While the organizations acknowledge a risk, they rarely […]