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A (cyber) war with North Korea has already been waged for years

For a country with notoriously limited internet access, North Korea has been surprisingly aggressive with their cyberattacks over the last couple of years. Although a geopolitical storm is brewing between the United States and the Hermit Kingdom, a digital battle has already been fought for some time. Western governments and companies should brace for this […]

Will NAFTA 2.0 compromise your data?

The renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is slated to begin on August 16, and it’s top of mind for government officials in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. U.S. President Donald Trump made the renegotiation a key plank of his campaign platform, though it now seems like his government intends to enter […]

A new attack on HBO

You’d think after the multitude of examples of cyberattacks on titans of the entertainment industry – most notably the gargantuan Sony hack in October 2014 – that companies in that sector would be rushing to adequately protect their online assets. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong. Not long after the most recent season of Netflix’s Orange is […]

End to End Encryption and Proof of Supervision: Who Wins?

Australia’s recent move to ban end to end encryption puts the spotlight on the conflict between the right to privacy and a country’s responsibility to protect its citizens. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull explained  “we need to ensure that the internet is not used as a dark place for bad people to hide their criminal […]

The UN is worried about cybersecurity – they should be

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a division of the United Nations, recently released their Global Cybersecurity Index for 2017. The report looks at the ability of countries to defend themselves against major cyberattacks – which include shutting down power grids and freezing communications in hospitals. The agency reports that “there is still an evident gap […]

Use the summer lull to update your cybersecurity protection

The summer provides the ideal time for a number of catch-up activities: you can watch those blockbuster films you missed all year, finally thumb through that pile of subscription magazines, and clean out the old dusty toolshed in the backyard. The dog days are also a great time for companies to think about their cybersecurity. […]

BREAKING: new ransomware attacks companies around the world

Here we go again. In May, the world was afflicted by the WannaCry ransomware scheme targeting hospitals, banks, telecommunication companies, and other essential services in over 150 countries. A similar outbreak is taking place today as well. Several media outlets are reporting that private companies in Spain, France, Ukraine, Russia, and others are being locked […]

Is cybersecurity dead? Not by a longshot

It’s a provocative title. An op-ed in Forbes declared that Cybersecurity is Dead. Author Mike Baukes writes that: It is 2017, and we now have ample evidence proving that the false promise of so much cybersecurity — that risk can be entirely eliminated with one simple program — will, barring a technological revolution, never be […]

University emails at high risk of hacking

A new report from the Digital Citizens Alliance called Cyber Criminals, College Credentials, and the Dark Web demonstrates the enormous challenge that arises from unsecure higher education emails and the damage they can cause. Over the past eight years, researchers have discovered 13,930,176 e-mail addresses and passwords belonging to faculty, staff, students, and alumni at […]

WannaCry is why you should never store your data on an unsecure device

The breaking news arrived early Friday afternoon. Hackers managed to restrict access to important data files at Britain’s National Health Service, canceling surgeries and causing hell for emergency room doctors and nurses. By the end of the weekend, the unleashed ransomware affected hundreds of thousands of computers in over 150 countries. It was the largest […]