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WhatsApp, encryption and public safety

Last month brought news of yet another lone wolf terror attack, in London this time, and yet another instance involving modern communications technology. It seems that the attacker was communicating on his smart phone just moments before the attack using WhatsApp. Naturally the security services want to know who he was communicating with and the […]

Terminator emails just keep coming!

In my last post on this subject I suggested, tongue somewhat in cheek, that the Gavrilo Princip (assassin of the Archduke Ferdinand and trigger of the First World War) of our time might be poor email security. I was inspired by the threats of retaliation uttered by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and directed at Russia. […]

Your email encryption is useless

TELM – The Four Dimensions of Electronic Communications Security We are all familiar with the careers and organizations laid waste by hacked emails – Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, the Democratic National Committee, Sony – the list goes on and on. Whether it’s the Russians, the North Koreans, the Romanians, the Chinese, the kid around the […]

Terminator e-mails wreak havoc on Democrats

Terminator e-mails keep popping up out of nowhere to wreak destruction on the Democratic party and the U.S. Presidential race. Like the mindless killing machine, the e-mails too seem unstoppable. Not even BleachBit and a sledgehammer to a cell phone or hard drive can ensure their destruction. Improperly handled e-mail has lead to multiple investigations by Congress […]

The government can’t protect your cyber property

Yesterday, the Globe and Mail reported that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to sign a cyber accord with China in an effort to help protect Canadian companies from Chinese hackers. As journalist Colin Freeze wrote: The Globe and Mail has learned the discussions will also be a forum for Canada and China to iron […]