Is cybersecurity dead? Not by a longshot

It’s a provocative title. An op-ed in Forbes declared that Cybersecurity is Dead. Author Mike Baukes writes that:

It is 2017, and we now have ample evidence proving that the false promise of so much cybersecurity — that risk can be entirely eliminated with one simple program — will, barring a technological revolution, never be realized.

The data is in: Cybersecurity is dead. Even as global cybersecurity spending is expected to balloon to over $100 billion by 2020, the frequency and severity of cyberattacks continue to grow, with seemingly no end in sight. While exploits and hacking tools become even more widely available and simple to deploy, there has been little commensurate progress in beating back attackers, who continue to find success striking at persistent, common weak points. How is this possible?

The answer is one that must chagrin any CISO spending exorbitant amounts of money on cybersecurity programs: The entire conception upon which cybersecurity rests — of constructing a castle, against which any marauding attackers stand little chance of breaching — is barely of use.

It would be mildly amusing but for a simple fact: The integrity of sensitive data, ranging from your grandmother’s medical records to your personal financial information, relies on its secure storage by a dizzying array of institutions. It is no exaggeration to say that cyber risk — the accumulated potential for the exposure of privileged data — is a matter of life and death, as seen in the frightening effects of cyberattacks on the healthcare industry across the world. The existing conceptions of how IT systems can be secured and protected must be discarded in favor of a new and more diffuse understanding of cyber risk.

He makes a good point. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If data isn’t stored on secure servers, even the most advanced software in the world won’t protect your information.

But to say cybersecurity is dead is hyperbole. What needs to be done is to radically rethink the general approach to online communications and data storage.

Thankfully, Evizone has already done the rethinking.

Our two products, Evizone Secure Communications (ESC) and Evizone Communications Governance (ECG) provide the strongest commercially available system for secure communication and document sharing.

Evizone has created the ideal proverbial digital castle: all data transmitted through Evizone is stored on servers protected with patented military-grade technology. Nothing is ever stored on external devices, meaning cellphones or computers will not compromise any information.

Evizone provides its clients with a closed-circuit system, the only way you can have true secure communications in the twenty-first century. What use is a castle if the drawbridge is always down?

Far from dead, cybersecurity just needed to be approached from a different angle. Evizone brings you to the forefront of this new way of thinking.