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Global firm offering cybersecurity advice gets hacked

A major global accounting firm, offers their clients a slew of services. One of them is the development of cybersecurity strategies.

According to their website, they help “organizations prevent cyberattacks and protect valuable assets.” They “focus on establishing effective controls around the organization’s most sensitive assets and balancing the need to reduce risk, while enabling productivity, business growth and cost optimization objectives.”

It’s an attractive proposition for their clients, but recent news shows even cybersecurity experts cannot make e mail safe for electronic communications. Bloomberg reports:

Following record results that flagged the growth of its cyber security business, [Big Accounting Firm] LLP has revealed that it has been successfully targeted by a cyberattack that let hackers access data from an internal email platform.

The auditing and consulting firm said in a statement Monday that it’s currently informing the clients affected and has notified governmental authorities after it became aware of the incident.

The firm said “very few” clients were impacted, and has drafted outside help to review its security. The hack was first reported by The Guardian.

The email platform was stored on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, according to The Guardian. A spokeswoman from Microsoft declined to comment.

It’s a problem we’ve seen before. No matter how well a company protects their servers or their data, the use of email creates a serious chink in the armor, even for experts. Once a hacker has access to a messaging platform like Microsoft’s Azure, the whole network risks being exposed.

It’s time for companies to move beyond email and join the twenty-first century.

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