Another week, another data leak

Last week, Revenu Québec, the Canadian province’s tax collection agency, suffered a serious data breach. An internal leak of some 23,000 files contained the names, salaries, and Social Insurance Numbers of government employees.

Two suspects have been charged and fired. But we are still left asking ourselves: why was it so easy for these individuals to bypass the security system of a government agency tasked with collecting the most sensitive information on 8 million people? Are all their files as vulnerable as the data that was leaked? How can we put a stop to these all too frequent occurrences?

Data breaches and leaks come in many forms, from disgruntled workers to external contractors to belligerent actors, but the song remains the same. All organizations need to implement better data protection barriers in their servers and software. While all culprits need to be caught and charged when a hack occurs, it would be better to take better care of our data and make sure cybercriminals can’t access sensitive information in the first place. Government agencies should be the first to understand this.

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