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Are cyberattacks in Canada ‘exploding’?

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While cybersecurity issues have existed since the first days of connected computers, there is no question that hackers are becoming more sophisticated as every day passes. This has prompted many to ponder the consequences for the future of business. Warren Buffett recently told Berkshire Hathaway shareholders that cyberattacks are a bigger threat to the world than nuclear weapons. “I don’t know that much about cyber, but I do think that’s the number one problem with mankind,” he told them during their annual meeting.

Businesses have already been convinced to fork over billions to hackers to regain access to their data – $3 billion over the last 3 years, according to one estimate. Cyberattacks have also had a perplexing effect on recent elections around the world, most notably those in the United States and France.

Canada, of course, is not immune. Not by a longshot. Check our blog archives for proof. One American cybersecurity firm expects their business in Canada to grow 30% this year and double every year after that. FireEye Inc.’s president told Postmedia that “We’re starting to see Canada really start to explode … It’s a trend we’re going to see getting a lot worse before it gets better.”

Similarly, the Paladion firm in Ontario says that Canadian companies spend less than Americans on cybersecurity. While in the U.S. it is common to set aside two to five percent of an IT budget on these matters, Canadians routinely plan for less.

No one should wait for their data to be taken hostage by cyber criminals to take digital security seriously. Not even Canadians.

There are plenty of companies offering “email protection” and digital security services – though anything alluding to safer emails is a clear oxymoron. However, Evizone is the only company that offers full-circle control of all communications and content. If you’re using our Evizone Secure Communications (ESC) system, only one copy of each message and copy-protected document exists on a secure server with double layer military-grade encryption. Users never take possession of the data, so there is nothing to find on a lost device or to hack on a compromised device.

Cyberattacks may be exploding, but you can rest easy at night knowing that Evizone’s patented technology is keeping you safe.

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Evizone Ltd. is a revolutionary secure communications, encryption and compliance software and service provider based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Evizone offers innovative enterprise solutions in secure messaging (next generation beyond encrypted e mail) and encryption, encryption at rest, regulatory compliance, compliance archiving, WORM compliance, 17a-4 compliance, document life cycle management and communications governance and risk management. Evizone’s services protect organizations through best in class security, encryption, recipient controls, document life cycle management, discovery management, compliance management, compliance archiving, tamper proof WORM and 17a-4 compliance archiving and complete audit records against the enormous damage caused by communications breaches. Evizone’s patented technologies offer a level of security impossible to obtain with conventional or encrypted email and fast, powerful, user friendly compliance archiving. Evizone’s services are immediately available on multiple platforms and provide the strongest commercially available communications security and compliance archiving. You can follow Evizone on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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