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Canada a hotbed for corporate hackings

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If a recent study by Ipsos is anything to go by, you should change all your passwords right now.

As the Globe and Mail reports, the study – developed in conjunction with the consulting firm MNP LLP – found that “half of Canadian C-suite executives and nearly a quarter of entrepreneurs say their businesses’ cybersecurity was breached in the past year.”

This is no small matter. The article continues:

“The survey of 100 Canadian executives of medium- and large-sized businesses also polled 1,000 small-business owners. While 93 per cent of the combined groups said they felt their companies effectively protected customer data, nearly three in five of those polled “either suspect or know for certain” they were victims of hacking attempts.”

An MNP executive rightly called this a worrying fact. “The big thing to note is the gap between the level of confidence businesses have in thinking they can prevent cyberattacks and their experience is quite different,” said Greg Draper, “The level of overconfidence is quite striking.”

Ignorance is bliss, as they say. But the risks associated with poor cybersecurity is not something that should be overlooked by companies nor consumers. Loblaw, Canadian Tire, Quebec’s SAQ liquor stores, and Cineplex have all been in the news recently for fear that their systems were hacked and data compromised. We can all name even larger historical Canadian hacks like the one on the Ashley Madison website.

Every time a company has to announce a digital security breach, consumer confidence in that brand is reduced. This is unfortunate given how easy data protection really is.

With Evizone Secure Communications (ESC), corporate communication and data storage are both protected by the strongest commercially available encryption there is. That means that consumer data will never be exposed and sensitive company secrets will never see the light of day.

Again, it’s important to note just how accessible these solutions are. Companies have no excuses for data breaches anymore. It’s time for them to join the twenty-first century and use Evizone.

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