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If the CIA can screenshot your screen, who else is doing it?

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It’s no surprise that the CIA spies on people. But you might be shocked at how they do it.

A massive leak of nearly 9,000 CIA documents, released by the whistleblowing organization Wikileaks, revealed the methods used by the spy agency to get past mobile app security features. While initially reports claimed that the CIA hacked apps like WhatsApp, the truth is that the apps themselves are generally safe – it’s the phones that are the problem. The New York Times reports:

“WikiLeaks said that the C.I.A. and allied intelligence services have managed to compromise both Apple and Android smartphones, allowing their officers to bypass the encryption on popular services such as Signal, WhatsApp and Telegram. According to WikiLeaks, government hackers can penetrate smartphones and collect “audio and message traffic before encryption is applied.”

At a time of increasing concern about the privacy of calls and messages, the revelations did not suggest that the C.I.A. can actually break the encryption used by popular messaging apps. Instead, by penetrating the user’s phone, the agency can make the encryption irrelevant by intercepting messages and calls before their content is encrypted, or, on the other end, after messages are decrypted.”

If the CIA can get into your phone, then of course they can record and take screenshots of what you’re doing. You could be looking at emails, bank statements, sensitive corporate documents, anything – it is all vulnerable if you’re on their target list and they can take screenshots or recordings without your knowledge. If they have access to your sound and your screen, they can bypass any security features.

Except if you’re using Evizone.

Evizone Secure Communications (ESC) is equipped with optional patented Anti Screen Capture (ASC) technology which prevents anyone from making copies of your screen, whether you’re using Evizone on your mobile device or on a computer. The beauty of this technology is that it continues to protect you even if you’re not using the Evizone App. If you have our ASC installed and enabled, everything you view on your phone – including WhatsApp – is protected. You can trust that your communications and documents will not be stolen by anyone using the CIA’s methods.

It is important to note that there’s no proof that the tool has been used against Americans. Yet it is unclear if the U.S. government is the only state or private agent to have developed such technology. It is safe to assume they are not alone in using these techniques and that sophisticated private hackers may be using them as well. Apple and Google should immediately fix the issues with their software that allowed the CIA to penetrate their phones. But responsibility also falls on the user to protect their data. A layered defense using the best technology available like Evizone is a wise precaution. Defense in depth using the latest technology is essential to protect yourself.

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