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Cybersecurity concerns persist post-election

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To say that Hillary Clinton’s email problems were her downfall would be gratuitous, but there’s no question that it contributed to a certain narrative about her character and abilities. We’ll leave it to more suited analysts to conduct the postmortem on her campaign.

However, now that Donald Trump is President-Elect, there is no question that cybersecurity should still be top of mind.

Over at Tech News World, a columnist writes that Donald Trump may have been the better candidate when it comes to technology:

“I actually think Trump could be a better technology candidate than Clinton would have been. That is because [Clinton] just didn’t seem to fundamentally get why a personal email server was a huge security breach, nor how classifications actually work. That was during a time when the nation was under a massive cyber threat — and still is.”

“While Trump has few positions, he actually has a strong one on cybersecurity. He has argued that the U.S. has obsolete cybersecurity capabilities and is falling behind other countries, according to the ITIF, and both of those observations are correct. He has argued that cyber has to be part of our thought processes.

He also has promised to enforce stronger protections against Chinese hackers and that U.S. responses will be swift, robust and unequivocal. While I’d personally like to omit the Chinese part of this — a response strategy should apply to anyone, not just China — but it is a solid step in the right direction.

Trump doesn’t have a lot of positions, which suggests the ones he does have will get the greatest focus. The fact that he calls out cybersecurity so prominently is a good sign.”

Wired Magazine takes a less rosy perspective. Mentioning that the President-Elect called for Russian hackers to dig up old Clinton emails during the campaign and that he was accused of routinely eavesdropping on guests at his hotels, they worry about what he would do with the NSA’s capabilities. They mention that “Edward Snowden and other privacy activists warned that the surveillance powers expanded under Obama could be abused by Trump and called for Americans to use encryption tools to protect themselves. “

Fusion goes even further with a guide on how to protect yourself in Trump’s “surveillance state” as he gains hold of advanced digital capabilities. The key message? “Encrypt all your communications.”

Forbes took a more balanced approach, acknowledging that Donald Trump campaign platform called for an improvement in the United States’ cybersecurity strategy, but that these promises were vague on actual action:

“Apart from a half-dozen bullet points on his website, Trump doesn’t offer many specifics about his cybersecurity plans. His interview responses over the past several months may have left us with more questions than answers. During a two-day discussion with reporters from the New York Times, Trump stated that the U.S. is “so obsolete in cyber,” and that “we just seem to be toyed with by so many different countries.”

He didn’t provide any examples to back that statement up, but he was at least right on that count. Critical infrastructure is constantly being probed from beyond our borders.”

When it comes to cybersecurity, it doesn’t really matter who is elected to lead a government – threats can come from anywhere, whether it’s in your own country or from abroad. It is up to every individual and each company to protect and encrypt their data. As we have previously written, nobody should rely on the government to keep their digital property safe.

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