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Email generates $3 billion in spear-phishing losses targeting 400 businesses a day! Are you next?

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When computer engineer Ray Tomlinson sent out the first email in 1971, there is no way he could have imagined how conventional this method of communication would be just 46 years later. Some estimates suggest that 2.4 million emails are sent every second, which translates into over 75 trillion emails per year.

Yet as revolutionary as email has been, it has propagated a slew of security issues.

Symantec Security Response recently published its Internet Security Threat Report, which seeks to bring insight into cybersecurity data collected over the past year. And by all accounts, 2016 was a doozy.

According to the software company, one in 131 emails contains a malicious link or attachment, the highest number tracked over the last five years. This presents an enormous security risk. Even employees in modest-sized companies get hundreds to thousands of emails daily. All it takes is one click on a corrupted link for the business’ data to be at risk. In fact, the report found that spear-phishing scams extracted more than $3 billion from businesses over the last three years, targeting over 400 businesses every day.

Cybercriminals love ransomware for this reason, and the U.S. is the most likely targeted country in the world. Cloud services are also making it easier for hackers to gain access:

“Symantec found 64 percent of American ransomware victims are willing to pay a ransom, compared to 34 percent globally. Unfortunately, this has consequences. In 2016, the average ransom spiked 266 percent with criminals demanding an average of $1,077 per victim up from $294 as reported for the previous year.


A growing reliance on cloud services has left organizations open to attacks. Tens of thousands of cloud databases from a single provider were hijacked and held for ransom in 2016 after users left outdated databases open on the internet without authentication turned on.

Cloud security continues to challenge CIOs. According to Symantec data, CIOs have lost track of how many cloud apps are used inside their organizations. When asked, most assume their organizations use up to 40 cloud apps when in reality the number nears 1,000. This disparity can lead to a lack of policies and procedures for how employees access cloud services, which in turn makes cloud apps riskier.”

Email served us well for a long time, but it is an inherently flawed and outdated technology. The vulnerabilities to personal and corporate security found in email are nonexistent in Evizone’s secure communication platform, which provides TELM electronic communications security.

No business should have to beg for mercy to criminal organizations using technology as a weapon. Whether you’re a small business or a multi-billion-dollar firm, it is time to switch to Evizone for all your communication needs.

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