Evizone is your solution to the Meltdown/Spectre train wreck

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By now you’ve likely heard about the incredible security flaws that affect nearly every computer processor, including the one in the device you’re reading from right now.

The so-called “Meltdown” and “Spectre” vulnerabilities have led hardware companies like Intel, ARM and AMD, and operating system companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Linux scrambling for quick-fix solutions.

The glitches provide hackers with an untraceable path to access your most sensitive data by exploiting the predictive functions of modern computer processors. You can learn more about the vulnerabilities here.

A host of patches have been offered since the threat was discovered in early January, but their success has been debatable. Wired calls the process a total “train wreck”, with predictable slowdowns and some users experiencing random restarts and the “blue screen of death.”

But it isn’t just computers and smartphones that are affected. Datacentres – the lifeblood of cloud infrastructure – are powered by these same processors and vulnerable to the same intrusions.

If you’re using Evizone, you need not worry about any of this. Our team of skilled engineers quickly and efficiently dealt with the problems as soon as they became known. Without any of our end-users or customers being inconvenienced, we applied our own patches to all datacentre infrastructure – including firewalls, servers, and other equipment. Our engineers were able to ensure full security without any compromise to speed or service availability.

Evizone clients can sleep well at night knowing that their data is always safe on our encrypted servers backed by military-grade technology.

About Evizone Ltd.
Evizone Ltd. is a revolutionary secure communications, encryption and compliance software and service provider based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Evizone offers innovative enterprise solutions in secure messaging (next generation beyond encrypted e mail) and encryption, encryption at rest, regulatory compliance, compliance archiving, WORM compliance, 17a-4 compliance, document life cycle management and communications governance and risk management. Evizone’s services protect organizations through best in class security, encryption, recipient controls, document life cycle management, discovery management, compliance management, compliance archiving, tamper proof WORM and 17a-4 compliance archiving and complete audit records against the enormous damage caused by communications breaches. Evizone’s patented technologies offer a level of security impossible to obtain with conventional or encrypted email and fast, powerful, user friendly compliance archiving. Evizone’s services are immediately available on multiple platforms and provide the strongest commercially available communications security and compliance archiving. You can follow Evizone on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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