Hacking is not an IT problem – it’s a people problem

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Hacking is a reality of today’s world. Naturally, businesses are investing in data protection software in record numbers in an effort to minimize the negative impacts a data breach can have on them.

Hackers, however, are getting cleverer by the day. They target their potential victims, making high net worth individuals increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Great business leaders know they must delegate in order to maximize efficiency. But this skill can become a liability for the company. Hackers tend not to go straight to the source but target intermediaries by impersonating the employer via fake emails or by getting close to assistants and gaining their trust. Through them, the hacker will try to get important information that will allow a breach of unprotected accounts.

This situation is well explained in an article from the Globe and Mail:

“It may be pos­si­ble for at­tack­ers to find out lots and lots about [a target] and then use that to craft very clever … at­tacks,” says David Mas­son, Canada coun­try man­ager for the cy­ber-de­fence firm Dark­trace, based in Bri­tain.

There are many ways to avoid getting into such trouble.

First, you need to have the right approach. Masson says that you should not “think of this as an IT prob­lem, think of it as a se­cu­rity prob­lem.” And people are usually the weakest link. Staff need to be trained to spot scams. Your software protects against external threats, not unintentional internal ones.

Second, you need to put in place preventive measures. Some are technical,  like two-factor authentication – a technique that consists of authorizing an action by two means of communication to reduce human error. Additionally, you should have a policy of  not responding to unusual emails.

The article continues:

“You have to cre­ate a cul­ture of chal­leng­ing un­usual trans­ac­tions from new sup­pli­ers or new ac­count de­tails or pur­chases that are com­pletely out of the norm for that busi­ness en­tity,” says Den­nis Parker, vice-pres­i­dent of busi­ness bank­ing at Toronto-Do­min­ion Bank.

However, such procedures can only be so efficient. Businesses must have a high-end data encryption software like Evizone Communication Governance (ECG) that guarantees security for users. Evizone’s compliance archiving ensures that any unauthorized access can be traced and ended as soon as it is caught.

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