New York will have its own GDPR, and companies must be prepared

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GDPR has now been in place for a couple of months in Europe, and other jurisdictions around the world are following close behind. New York State’s own data protection regulation, voted into law in March 2017, will be fully implemented come September 4.

Financial institutions will be particularly affected by this new cybersecurity law. They will have to retain an audit trail of all financial transactions, which must be keep for at least five years. Authorities will be able to verify whether or not financial institutions are keeping customer information secured to their liking. Additionally, all companies will have to encrypt their business operations data. Once that data isn’t pertinent anymore, it will have to be erased using safe deletion procedures under the new law.

The Department of Financial Services’ press release quotes the DFS’s Superintendent, Maria T. Vullo, on the new regulation:

“New York stepped into the void and took decisive action to ensure appropriate minimum standards protecting financial institutions’ data systems, including consumers’ sensitive personal information. These new protections, which include encryption, access controls and audit trails, add crucial tools to the regulation’s prior requirements in protecting the institutions and consumers.”

There are many similarities when comparing the cybersecurity requirements in both Europe and New York. However, these two cases vary significantly in one way: the New York legislation has no clear consequences or penalties for not following the letter of the law. Those will be determined on a case by case basis.

The first noncompliants caught will be the ones to set the tone, and future penalties will be based on that precedent.

The fact that there are no precisions on the penalties associated to each violation means companies can’t compare the cybersecurity costs to the risk they are taking not properly investing in security.

Nicole Clement, a senior manager in the financial services security practice at professional-services firm Accenture, addressed the Wall Street Journal on this new regulation:

‘’That lack of specificity increases the risk to a financial institution because it is unable to say here is that true financial risk we are taking on, or the true regulatory risk. Time will tell as to what the penalties will be on this.”

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