Phishing dupes Canadian university out of $11.8 million

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When private companies fall for the tricks of cybercriminals, it’s their investors who stand to lose the most and who must demand accountability.

Yet when public institutions like schools and hospitals are scammed, taxpayers are left picking up the bill.

The latest example happened at Alberta’s MacEwan University. CBC reports:

“An Edmonton university was defrauded of $11.8 million after staff failed to call one of its vendors to verify whether emails requesting a change in banking information were legitimate.

MacEwan University discovered the fraud on Aug. 23 after the legitimate vendor, a construction company, called to ask why it hadn’t been paid.

Three payments were made to the fraudulent account: one on Aug. 10 for $1.9 million; another on Aug. 17 for $22,000 and a third on Aug. 19 for $9.9 million.

Most of the money — more than $11.4 million — has been traced to accounts in Montreal and Hong Kong, the university said in a news release Thursday.

Those funds have now been frozen, the university said, adding it is working with legal counsel in Montreal, London and Hong Kong to pursue civil action to recover the money. The status of the rest of the missing money isn’t known.

University spokesperson David Beharry said the scammers sent emails that looked legitimate.

“A domain site with the authentic logo was sent,” Beharry told reporters. “The individual asked us to change banking information from the vendor. That information was changed.”

Advanced Education Minister Marlin Schmidt said in a statement he found it unacceptable that the university fell victim to this scam.

He’s asked the chair of MacEwan’s board of directors to report by Sept. 15 about how this could have happened.

“While I’m told that MacEwan has put improved internal financial controls to help prevent it from happening again, I expect post-secondary institutions to do better to protect public dollars against fraud,” Schmidt said in a statement.”

The Education Minister has the right attitude. With everything we know about cybersecurity today, there is no excuse for advanced education facilities to fall victim to such schemes.

There is hope for the University: the perpetrators of the attack were not sophisticated enough to funnel the money elsewhere, and with the funds now frozen, the cash will likely be recovered – at least in part. The next large-scale victim may not be so lucky.

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