Reusing passwords is a cybersecurity death sentence

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It’s a tantalizing headline. The Harvard Business Review claims that You Can’t Secure 100% of Your Data 100% of the Time. The premise is that people have so many online accounts (whether for online shopping, social media, online banking, etc.) that passwords get reused much too often. If one account is compromised, cybercriminals can engage in “credential stuffing”, which means they will use the same combination of email and password to see if they can access other accounts on other platforms.

The HBR article explains:

“This represents a completely different type of threat than what the security industry has been prepared for in the past. Investing in all the traditional security in the world to prevent your website from having vulnerabilities will not help if your users’ own bad habits of reusing passwords results in cybercriminals being able to log in to your application just like those users.”

The problem is also exponential:

“with a set of 1 million stolen passwords from one website, attackers can easily take over 20,000 accounts on another website. Now multiply those numbers by the total number of websites where users have reused their passwords, as well as the number of data breaches that have been reported, to get a better sense of the threat. Of course, that still only includes the data breaches we know about. And new research from Google indicates that phishing may be an even larger source of stolen passwords than data breaches, making the scope of the problem even larger.”

If you use Evizone, we strongly recommend that you and your coworkers use unique passwords on our platform to avoid this type of breach.

Our military-grade encryption and other security measures mean that your data is in fact 100% secure all the time – no one will ever be able to hack our systems or force their way into your personal data. However, a weak password is like an unlocked door to your house: even the best security system in the world can’t stop anyone from just waltzing through.

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