Stingray devices are no match for military-grade encryption

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Did you know the government can collect the data you store in your pocket with little to no effort? The tool they use is called a “Stingray”, a cellphone surveillance device that collects information indiscriminately if you’re in its vicinity.

The Globe and Mail has investigated the practice extensively and unearthed a lot of previously unknown information, with the help of a report written by Christopher Parsons (University of Toronto) and Tamir Israel (University of Ottawa).

In an editorial this week, the Globe hit the nail on the head when it comes to concerns around privacy:

Privacy is an ancient concept, and with good reason. Police do not have the right to enter your home and go through the contents of your filing cabinet without a warrant; the same principles must be applied to your electronic filing cabinet on your computer or smartphone. Policing in the 21st century should still adhere to the best standards of the past few centuries. To search that which is supposed to be private and closed, first show a judge that you have reasonable suspicion of wrong-doing, enough to justify entry by means of a search warrant.

But the advance of technology, and the resulting legal confusion, mean that lines are literally getting crossed. In one bizarre case, prison guards at the Warkworth Institution in Ontario seem to have had their personal phone calls intercepted by an IMSI, which the institution was using.

It’s high time to get the wires disentangled.

It’s an odd scenario to see hackers unknowingly hack themselves, as in the case of the prison guards, but there are innovative ways to protect your data from Stingray devices, no matter who you are.

Stingrays access information that in unprotected or only moderately encrypted. If you’re storing information directly on your phone, they can access it. If you’re storing information in an account that is always logged in on your phone, they can likely access.

However, with Evizone’s patented military-grade storage and encryption technology, there is absolutely no way for the government – or organized criminals – to access your data in this unconstitutional manner. Evizone’s mobile storage app uses numerous security measures to protect your data and always logs out when you exit the app, and your information is secure on Evizone’s fortressed servers.

Yes, it’s high time to get the wires disentangled, but don’t wait for the government to act for you to get more serious about your privacy.

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