Terminator e-mails wreak havoc on Democrats

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Terminator e-mails keep popping up out of nowhere to wreak destruction on the Democratic party and the U.S. Presidential race. Like the mindless killing machine, the e-mails too seem unstoppable. Not even BleachBit and a sledgehammer to a cell phone or hard drive can ensure their destruction.

Improperly handled e-mail has lead to multiple investigations by Congress and the FBI with more sure to come. So far the Chair of the DNC has had to resign, the race for the presidency is in the balance, Hillary Clinton’s closest aide, Huma Abedin, is in an extremely precarious position, national security may have been compromised and relations with the Russians so poisoned that Joe Biden, the Vice President of the United States, actually threatened retaliatory U.S. action; a possible casus belli. In which case the Gavrilo Princip of our time would be… e-mail.

Even if Hillary Clinton is elected President, it is certain investigations into her e-mails and those of her colleagues will continue. At the least this will cause significant disruption to her agenda and the smooth operation of the U.S. government. At worst it may lead to indictments and possible impeachment. Her administration may be crippled from the very start and the cause of all this – improperly handled e-mail.

Lest we think that it is only Hillary Clinton who has been “extremely careless”,  Wikileaks has been releasing a steady drip of bombshell e-mails from and between multiple leaders of the Democratic party, including John Podesta, former Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton. Even Barrack Obama appears to have been e-mailing using a pseudonym. The latest development is discovery of a laptop belonging either to Huma Abedin or her estranged husband Anthony Weiner and used by both. The laptop contains many thousands of e-mails pertaining to the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s home server by the FBI. An investigation which has now been reopened, thus tossing a small nuclear device into the last few days of the U.S. Presidential election. To add icing to the cake, Anthony Weiner has a serious issue with sexting any woman who responds. The man is a walking national security risk and yet he appears to have had access to the thousands of e mails pertaining to Huma Abedin’s work for Hillary Clinton and the U.S. State Department.

It is clear that communications security is non-existent at the highest levels of the Democratic Party. The idea that using home servers and pseudonyms somehow ensures security is laughable. BleachBit and hammers are equally ludicrous. E-mail once sent is everywhere. There are an unknown number of copies at origin, destination and every point in between. Even encrypted e mail suffers the same flaw. Now Kim Dotcom is in the act, pointing out that the NSA undoubtedly has copies of all this e mail traffic on its servers. It only requires a simple search routine to retrieve it.

What a mess! How sophisticated people could cause this kind of nightmare by using an antiquated and flawed technology like e mail for sensitive communications is beyond me. Sensitive communications require complete, reliable privacy and at the same time oversight and governance, so that appropriate records are maintained when they should be and reliably disposed of when they should not. The technology exists at Evizone. It is reliable, easy to use and cheap. Wake up folks. If the elite of the United States can get this messed up by e mail, it can happen to anyone. That is why at Evizone we are all about Safe Communications Now!

Bill Wells is the Chairman of Evizone. This blog originally appeared on Bill’s LinkedIn page.

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