Terminator emails just keep coming!

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In my last post on this subject I suggested, tongue somewhat in cheek, that the Gavrilo Princip (assassin of the Archduke Ferdinand and trigger of the First World War) of our time might be poor email security. I was inspired by the threats of retaliation uttered by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and directed at Russia.

Today, post the U.S. Presidential Election and with the Democrats having been “Trumped”, things have become even more surreal. Now, we have CIA reports pointing the finger at the Russians, Wikileaks saying “nope, it was an inside job”, a sizable portion of the U.S. population believing Putin swung the election, Obama retaliating with the largest peacetime expulsion of foreign diplomats in U.S. history, and Trump vowing the only true security will come from metaphorically reinstating the Pony Express. It is amazing the trouble a few phishing emails can cause!

Now, I am savvy enough to know that all involved are using this situation to push their own political narratives and the real truth will probably never be known. One thing is indisputable however: communications security at the highest level of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party was non-existent. If this is really what cost them the election they have only themselves to blame.

If you park your car in a bad part of town, with the door open and the key in the ignition, you deserve no sympathy when the inevitable happens. Now we are all subject to the law of unintended consequences as events pinball in unexpected directions with possibly severe outcomes.

I reiterate – what a mess! How sophisticated people could cause this kind of nightmare by using an antiquated and flawed technology like email for sensitive communications is beyond me. Sensitive communications require complete, reliable privacy and at the same time oversight and governance, so that appropriate records are maintained when they should be and reliably disposed of when they should not.

The technology exists at Evizone. It is reliable, easy to use and cheap. Wake up folks! If the elite of the United States can get this messed up by email, it can happen to anyone. That is why at Evizone we are all about Safe Communications Now!

Bill Wells is the Chairman of Evizone. This blog originally appeared on Bill’s LinkedIn page.

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