The EU’s GDPR is a potential nightmare for electronic communications

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Internet users are as worried as ever about sharing their information on the web. With this in mind, the European Union has decided to put strenuous new rules in place to reassure the masses. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed in 2016 and will be the law as of May 25, 2018. There will also be a ePrivacy law, which will allow the EU to massively fine businesses.

These laws bring forward two major changes.

The first change is in terms of the obligations the data collector owes the user. Going forward, terms and conditions will need to be explicitly accepted by the user, so will tracking cookies. These two measures will reduce the quality of the experience users have while on the internet, according to one analyst in a Business Insider article from February 11:

SunTrust Robinson Humphrey analyst Youssef Squali and his team suggested to clients that the simple act of surfing the web in Europe might become a nightmare of endless repeated consent-form clicks:

“If a website is trying to track or deliver targeted advertisements to an individual, that individual will have to explicitly opt in each time he visits that particular site.”

The user will also need to have the option to withdraw their permission to share their data. If asked, the service provider will also have to send the client all the data it has on them.

Oh, and this legislation applies to companies worldwide. Not only the ones based in the EU.

The second change may be less technical, but it will be far more impactful for businesses. Companies that violate the new law will be subject to a financial penalty of 4% of global annual revenues or $25 million, whichever is higher.

Businesses such as Google have already been fined huge amounts in the past years for data violation. But the law will be especially painful for small and medium businesses. Not protecting user data could lead to bankruptcy for those caught by the EU’s new cyber police.

What many have not focused on is that GDPR applies to electronic communications as well. Email is a major form of data collection and is subject to all of GDPR’s requirements. It is a potential nightmare.

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