The future of cybersecurity lies within the cloud

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The cloud is a technological marvel. It allows anyone to store and access any of their documents – whether important work files or treasured family photos – from anywhere in the world, regardless of what device they’re on. In terms of efficiency, it blows hard drives and other storage devices out of the water.

But there’s a catch: easy access for you also means easy access for hackers.

Understandably, companies are moving towards new technologies facilitating their employees’ day-to-day work and allowing them to access important data regardless of where they are. However, some companies are doing so blindly. Risks associated with transferring to the cloud are underestimated or simply ignored.

Some companies think that they can upgrade the technology they use but keep their old cybersecurity procedures in place. Rajiv Gupta, CEO of Skyhigh Networks, best illustrates the situation in an interview with FOX Business:

“Companies that try to use traditional tools to secure a new model of computing are understandably struggling. We’ve seen from our own research that while there is a year-over-year rise in workplace cloud usage, security and compliance lags as those same companies fail to proactively address emerging risks.”

In addition to having up-to-date cybersecurity software, users of the cloud should make sure to have solid passwords and use multi-step log-in verification to better secure the data they store. Michael Xie, CTO at Fortnet, emphasizes on the importance of having a strong password in the same FOX Business article:

“With the rise in identity theft, malware and phishing and scam sites, users need to be more careful than ever for their cyber protection. Most important thing to do is choose strong passwords and change them often.”

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