Toasters are taking down multi-million dollar companies, highlighting the importance of cyber security

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October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. You wouldn’t know that based on the slew of large scale hacks that have taken place this month, including the massive DDoS attack that took down PayPal, Twitter, Spotify, and others last week. The attack came not only from an army of compromised computers, but also internet-connected TVs, webcams, cameras, and even fridges and toaster used to overwhelm servers hosting the targeted websites.

The future is a complex thing.

Some in government recognize this. In an article for the Hill Times, Canadian Senator Art Eggleton wrote that cyber security specialists spoke to the Liberal caucus and urged the need for regular updates to Canada’s cyber strategy, given the exponential advancement of technology:

“The rate and nature of change requires an evergreen cyber strategy,” said Peter Sloly, executive director with Deloitte Canada, who works in the cyber section of the risk advisory services. “There’s no point in having one in 2010 and updating it in 2014 or having one in 2016 and then updating it four years later around an election cycle.”

Who would have thought in 2010 that toasters would be taking down multi-million dollar companies only six years later? Well, no one – and no one prepared for it properly.

The truth is that hackers are like bacteria, continuously probing cyber defences and evolving accordingly to find new ways around them.

By nature, governments are slow, bureaucratic organisms that cannot keep up with the technological advancements we see today. It would be wonderful for the federal government to update its cyber security strategy more regularly, but private companies cannot rely on the government to protect them, as our chairman Bill Wells has written before.

When it comes to cyber security, you need to rely on experts who have the best technology possible. Many companies update their defences and then wait several years to do so again, much like the government. This is just inviting problems. You need to rely on security systems that are updated as quickly as the hackers evolve. This is what Evizone does – we are committed to defending your secure communications 24/7.

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